50 Impressive Relationship And Life Quotes For You To Remember

How to maintain a relationship and keep it last forever? How to make your life more easier and happier? It is a study and we should learn it during our whole life. Here are the important factors in maintaining a relationship.

Equality is one of the important conditions for the maintenance of intimate relationships. According to the equity theory, people are most satisfied with intimate relationships under the premise of proportional justice, that is, paying should be proportional to their income. In love and marriage, long-term fairness is more important. Most happy couples don’t care about how much they pay, and they harvest a few, but pursue a rough equality, that is, how much they pay and how much they are. For example, in family life, the uneven distribution of housework can easily lead to feelings of inequality between husband and wife. Therefore, people who work harder have more say, which reflects this kind of fairness. If you don’t do anything at home, you have to talk to each other. Then, this relationship is more prone to problems.

And there are so many other important factors we need to discuss next time. And here we give you 50 impressive relationship or life quotes and you have to remember them and you will be very happy in your life.

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